Background Briefing

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IX. Release

Pakistani former Guantanamo detainee Shah Mohammed Alikhil showed Human Rights Watch the certificate for his release, dated May 8, 2003, issued by the Combined/Joint Task Force at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.  It confirms his detention by the U.S. military from 13 January 2002 to 22 March 2003, and states:

This individual has been determined to pose no threat to the United States Military or its interests in Afghanistan or Pakistan.  There are no charges from the United States pending this individual.  This individual has been repatriated into the lawful custody of the Pakistani government.  The United States government intends that this person be fully rejoined with his family.82

[82] Certificate, Ref. No. CJTF-180-CJ3-PMO, 8 May 2003, shown during Human Rights Watch interview with Shah Mohammed Alikhil, 3 January 2004. 

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