Background Briefing

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Outcome and follow-up

Each UPR session should have a concluding statement of the review, including conclusions and recommendations, with an initial draft to be prepared by the session rapporteur.  The outcome document should be adopted by the HRC, and the state involved should be afforded the opportunity to submit a supplemental document that would contain any responses, clarifications, or objections to the statement. 

The concluding statement may address any number of measures to assist, encourage, or require the state under review to fulfill its human rights obligations and commitments.  These could include:

  • Recommendations regarding capacity-building and technical assistance that would assist the state to meet its obligations;
  • Recommendations for visits by thematic special procedures or by a relevant existing country rapporteur;
  • A recommendation to establish an OHCHR mission or field office;
  • Recommendations for action by U.N. agencies present in the country being reviewed;
  • Appointment of a country-specific rapporteur;
  • Setting a date for the next review of the state that is sooner than the state would have been reviewed in the regular UPR cycle;
  • A recommendation to the Security Council to consider the situation given its impact on international peace and security or the application of Responsibility to Protect; and
  • A recommendation to the General Assembly to suspend an HRC member for gross violations of human rights.

The UPR process should also include a mechanism for follow up on the conclusions reached and recommendations made.  One possibility would be for OHCHR to monitor implementation of recommendations made through the UPR process and to provide regular reports to the HRC. 

August 18, 2006

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