Background Briefing

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Key elements of an effective UPR

There are many possible approaches to peer review, and a variety of acceptable answers to the many questions that will arise in the effort to develop an effective process for UPR.  These discussions, however, should be guided by the following four principles which should be the basis for whatever approach is taken to UPR:

  1. The review should be based on a wide range of objective and reliable information regarding the human rights situation in the country under review;
  2. An effective review will require the appointment of an expert or panel of experts who will review the compiled materials and distill this material into a list of key issues for review and questions to be addressed by the government;
  3. The review process should include an appropriate role for NGOs, including the possibility to submit reports for consideration, and the ability to participate in UPR discussions; and
  4. The review should result in an outcome statement with concrete conclusions and recommendations and an agreed mechanism to ensure effective follow up.
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