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Managing Civil Society: Are NGOs Next?

Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper

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What You Can Do: Tell Putin and Bush to Protect Russian NGOs

Russia: Draft Law Would Eviscerate Civil Society
Press Release, November 22, 2005

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More on Human Rights in Russia

November 22, 2005



Background: Dismantling the System of Checks and Balances

Nongovernmental Organization: the Next Crackdown?

In our country, there are thousands of public associations and unions that work constructively. But not all organizations are oriented towards standing up for people’s real interests. For some of them, the priority is to receive financing from influential foreign foundations. Others serve dubious group and commercial interests. And the most serious problems of the country and its citizens remain unnoticed. Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation1

If [the speech] wasn’t a direct threat from the President, then at least it’s a signal to bureaucrats that they should divide organizations into good and bad, help the ones they consider good and build barriers for the ones they consider to be bad.

Arseny Roginsky, Chairman of the Public Council of Memorial2

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[2] Susan B. Glaser, “Putin Talk Worries Independent Groups – Civil Society Activists on Defense, The Washington Post, June 1, 2004.