Europe and Central Asia

Memorandum of Concern
Trafficking of Migrant Women for Forced Prostitution into Greece


This memorandum was researched and written by Julia Hall, Counsel and Senior Researcher in the Europe and Central Asia Division. Julie Chadbourne, consultant to Human Rights Watch, provided research assistance. Members of the staff of the Women's Rights Division made valuable comments on the draft. It was edited by Holly Cartner, former executive director of the Europe and Central Asia Division; Malcolm Smart, Program Director; and Wilder Tayler and Jim Ross in General Counsel's office. Caroline Cunliffe provided additional research support and translated the memorandum into Greek. Nikos Mastrakoulis translated the appendix into Greek. Rachel Bien provided valuable production assistance.

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Appendix I
Recommendations regarding the Proposal for a Council Framework Decision on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
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Table of Contents



Country of Transit and Destination for Trafficked Women

Greece's Obligations under International and Regional Law

Trafficking of Women to Greece for Forced Prostitution

"Crime Control" Approach to Trafficking

Lack of Support for Trafficking Victims

Lack of Anti-Trafficking Legislation

Police Involvement in Trafficking

Immigration Act 2001 and Trafficking of Women for Forced Prostitution



Government of Greece

United Nations

European Union

Council of Europe

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Intergovernmental Organizations

Appendix I


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