Background Briefing

Time to Take Stock

The U.S. Cluster Munition Inventory and the FY 2006 Department of Defense Budget

A Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper

July 2005

Related Material

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Cluster Munitions Too Costly
Briefing Paper, 6/30/2004

Cluster Munitions: Towards a
Global Solution

World Report Chapter, 1/26/2004

Off Target: The Conduct of the War
and Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Report, 12/12/2003


The Current U.S. Cluster Munition Stockpile

Department of Defense Procurement Requests


Table 1:  Inventory of Legacy Cluster Munitions, by Service

Table 2:  Projected Number of “Dud” Submunitions Produced by Legacy  Cluster Munitions, by Service