Background Briefing

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To the United Nations Security Council

  • Ensure that a proposed U.N. force for Darfur is authorized, under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, to: 
    • Use “all necessary means” to protect civilians in Darfur and along the Chadian border;
    • Monitor the implementation of the arms embargo; and
    • Disarm abusive militia forces such as the Janjaweed.
  • Ensure sufficient resources, including military equipment, personnel and funding, are made available for this operation;
  • Call on U.N. member states to contribute sufficient personnel, equipment, other resources and funding to the AMIS in the interim period before a transition to a U.N. force; and
  • Place Hamid Dawai, Abdullah Shineibat, Yacub Angar and other individuals publicly named as responsible for attacks on civilians on the list of persons to be subject to travel bans and other sanctions by the U.N. Sanctions Committee.

To the Government of Sudan

  • Take all necessary steps, including by issuing clear public orders to government forces and police including the Border Intelligence Patrol guards and government-sponsored and supplied paramilitary and militia, to immediately cease attacks on civilians and civilian property in Chad;
  • Cease providing the above-mentioned militia units with financial, logistical and military support; and
  • Cease providing financial, logistical and military support to Chadian rebel groups, such as the RDL and the FUC.

To the Government of Chad

  • Re-occupy all border garrisons and renew regular border patrols to ensure the security of the population and displaced persons along the Sudan border;
  • Safeguard the rights of detainees, including captured Janjaweed militia members and RDL rebels, and conduct judicial proceedings in fair and public hearings; and
  • Cease providing financial, logistical and military support to Darfurian rebel groups, as noted in the December 9, 2005 report of the Panel of Experts on the Sudan.

To the African Union

  • Proactively patrol the main roads and villages in Darfur, particularly in rural areas and in strategic points along the Chadian border to deter further attacks against the civilian population.

To the United Nations and other humanitarian agencies in Chad and Darfur

  • Promote the protection of civilians simultaneous with the distribution of humanitarian assistance and extend operations into more rural areas to the greatest extent possible within security constraints.

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