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1. Sign The Pledge

I will work to build a world where people with mental health conditions live free of stigma and get the support they need.

I denounce the inhumane practice of chaining people who live with mental health conditions.

I pledge to #breakthechains with my words, actions, and networks to put an end to shackling worldwide.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children across 60 countries are chained, simply for having a mental health condition. This happens because of stigma, fear and government failure.

Together, we can help end this inhumane practice. By signing the #BreakTheChains pledge, you are joining a global movement that believes all people should live in dignity. We will push governments, institutions, and faith leaders to end chaining.

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Our vision


We investigated, exposed and started a movement to #BreakTheChains that helped free thousands of people in Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Somaliland.

How did we do this? For example, in Indonesia, after our country-wide interviews, analysis, and advocacy, the government deepened its commitment to #BreakTheChains and today over 48 million households throughout the country have access to community-based mental health services.

Now we are going global to end chaining. With the support from the public, local organizations, and mental health leaders, we will influence policy and practice. We are working toward a world where people with mental health conditions can thrive, receive the services and support they want, and live free from stigma, discrimination and abuse.

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