October 11, 2013

“You Can Still See Their Blood”

Executions, Unlawful Killings, and Hostage Taking by Opposition Forces in Latakia Countryside

To Armed Opposition Groups
To the Syrian Opposition Coalition
To the Syrian Government
To the UN Security Council
To the Government of Turkey
To Gulf States
To All Countries
I. Background: Opposition Offensive in Latakia Countryside
II. Killings in Latakia Countryside
Executions and Other Unlawful Killings of Civilians
Unlawful Killings in Barouda
Killing of Shebli Family Members
Killing of Badour Family Members
Killing of Ftaymeh Family Members
Killing of al-Qusaybeh Family Members
The Killing of Sheikh Bader Ghazzal and Attack on a Religious Site
Unlawful Killings in Nbeiteh
Killing of Shihadeh and Ibrahim Family members
Killing of Mariam Family Members and Other Residents
Unlawful Killings in al-Hamboushieh
Unlawful Killings in Sleibeh al-Hamboushieh
Unlawful Killings in Blouta
Unlawful Killings in Abu Makkeh village
Unlawful Killings in Aramo
Unlawful Killing in Bremseh
Unlawful Killing of Members of Al-Da'ee Family
III. Hostage Taking in Latakia Countryside
IV. Opposition Groups Involved in August 4 Attacks
Ahrar al-Sham..
The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham
Jabhat al-Nusra
Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar
Suquor al-Izz
V. Other Groups Involved in the “Operation to Liberate the Coast”
Free Syrian Army under Salim Idriss’s Command
Ahrar al-Sahel and its battalions
Al-Farouq Brigade
The Hassan al-Azhari Battalion
The Heroes of Khirbet al-Jawz and the Oussama Bin Zeid Battalion
Saif Allah al-Masloul, al-Ansar
Sham al-Islam..
Sheikh Qahtan Battalion (formerly Al-Tawhid), Ansar al-Sham.
Sons of al-Qadisiyya
Suquor al-Sham..
Thuwar al-Haffeh, Ibrahim Khalil, Al-Shaheed Sino Rebels Battalion
VI. Financial Support to Operation
VII. Access of Foreign Fighters to Syria
IIX. War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity
Annex 1: Identified Fatalities
Annex 2: Identified Hostages
Annex 3: Letter to the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkey