February 13, 2013

Those Who Take Us Away

Abusive Policing and Failures in Protection of Indigenous Women and Girls in Northern British Columbia, Canada

Map of British Columbia
I. Background
Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada
Residential Schools
The Shadow of Past Abuses
Missing and Murdered Women in BC and the Highway of Tears
Policing in British Columbia
Police Complaint Mechanisms
II. Abusive Policing of Indigenous Women and Girls
Indigenous Girls and Women in the Criminal Justice System
Abusive Policing Tactics
Excessive Use of Force against Girls
Use of Tasers
Cross-Gender Searches
Conditions in City Cells
Sexual and Physical Abuse by Police
Rape and Sexual Assault
Physical Abuse of Women
III. Police Failures to Protect Indigenous Women and Girls
Women and Girls’ Lack of Confidence in Police Protection
Police Response to Disappearances and Murders
Police Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
IV. Inadequate Complaint and Oversight Procedures
V. Canada’s Obligations under International Law
The Responsibility to Address Violence against Women and Girls
The Responsibility to Protect the Rights of Persons in Custody
The Responsibility to Address Discrimination