January 15, 2013

Hear No Evil

Forced Labor and Corporate Responsibility in Eritrea’s Mining Sector

To International Mining Firms Operating in Eritrea
To Nevsun Resources
To the Governments of Canada, Australia, China, and Other Home Governments of Mining Firms Operating in Eritrea
To the Government of Eritrea
Eritrea’s Mineral Sector
Security Council Scrutiny
Foreign Investment in Eritrea’s Mining Sector: Human Rights Concerns
Case Study: Nevsun Resources in Eritrea
Going in Blind
Allegations of Forced Labor at Bisha
Nevsun’s Response: Too Little, Too Late
Improving Policies: A Mixed Record
Policy versus Reality
Nevsun’s Overall Record: Flying Blind and Falling Short
Lessons for Other Mining Firms
Human Rights Obligations of Mining Firms in Eritrea
The Role of Governments