May 14, 2012

Unacknowledged Deaths

Civilian Casualties in NATO’s Air Campaign in Libya

I. Background
II. Civilian Deaths
The Gaddafi Government’s Position
The Libyan Transitional Government’s Position
NATO’s Position
III. Incidents of Civilian Deaths
Majer, August 8, 2011, 34 deaths
Zliten, August 4, 2011, Three Deaths
Souk al-Juma, Tripoli, June 19, 2011, Five Deaths
Sorman, June 20, 2011, 13 Deaths
Bani Walid, August 29/30, 2011, Five Deaths
Sirte, September 25, 2011, Seven Deaths
Sirte, September 16, 2011, Two Deaths
Gurdabiya, September 23, 2011, Three Deaths
IV. International Legal standards
NATO and the International Criminal Court
Appendix A: Civilian deaths in Majer, August 8, 2011
Appendix B: Human Rights Watch Letter to NATO Secretary General
Appendix C: NATO Response to Human Rights Watch
Appendix D: NATO Policy on Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan