September 12, 2011

“Just Don’t Call It a Militia”

Impunity, Militias, and the “Afghan Local Police”

Map of Afghanistan
The Afghan Local Police
Abuses by the ALP
The Ghosts of Militias Past
Key Recommendations
I. Background: The Ghosts of Militias Past
A Maze of Militias
Token Disarmament
Afghan National Auxiliary Police (ANAP)
Community Defense Forces (CDF)
Community Defense Initiative (CDI)/Local Defense Initiative (LDI)
Interim Security for Critical Infrastructure
A Magnet for Insurgent Attacks
II. The Growth of Abusive Militias in the North
Militias in Kunduz
Militias and Sexual Predation
III. The Wardak Experiment:  The Afghan Public Protection Program..
Creation of AP3 in Wardak
Local Disquiet about AP3
Empowering a Notorious Commander
Weak Vetting
Allegations of Abuse
Converting AP3 to ALP
IV. The Afghan Local Police:  “Community Watch with AK-47s”
Development of the ALP in Pul-e-Khumri, Baghlan
Development of ALP in Shindand, Herat
The ALP in Uruzgan
V. ALP Recruitment and Vetting
Assurance of Shuras
Politics of Implementation: IDLG and ASOP
From Attackers to Protectors: Reintegration Efforts and the ALP
VI. Lessons from the Experience of the Afghan National Police
VII. Recommendations
To the Government of Afghanistan
To the Taliban and other Insurgent Forces
To the United States and the International Security Assistance Force
To the US Department of State
To the US Department of Defense and CIA