December 20, 2010

After the Coup

Ongoing Violence, Intimidation, and Impunity in Honduras

Summary and Recommendations
Impunity for Post-Coup Abuses
Ongoing Attacks Against Journalists, Human Rights Defenders, and Political Activists
Support the Human Rights Unit
Strengthen Judicial Independence
Establish an International Commission of Inquiry
Note on Methodology
I. Background
The Coup
Widespread Post-Coup Abuses
Excessive Use of Force
Arbitrary Detentions
Sexual Violence
Attacks on the Media
Abuse of Emergency Powers
Lack of Legal Protection
II. Impunity for Post Coup Abuses
Status of Investigations
Excessive Use of Force, Ill-Treatment, and Arbitrary Detentions
Attacks on the Media
Obstructing the Work of Prosecutors
Obstacles to Accountability
Lack of Sufficient Resources
Lack of Independent Investigative Police
Obstruction of Investigations by Military and Police Personnel
Independence of the Judiciary Compromised
Inadequate Implementation of a Witness Protection Program..
III. Ongoing Attacks
Threats and Attacks
Status of Investigations
Lack of Adequate Protection
Chilling Effect
IV. Honduras’s Obligations under International Law
Obligation to Deter, Prevent, and Investigate Abuses
International Standards on Judicial Independence and Impartiality