December 15, 2010

“We Are a Buried Generation”

Discrimination and Violence against Sexual Minorities in Iran

To the Government of Iran
To the Government of Turkey and Other Refugee-Receiving States in the Region
To the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees
To Other Concerned Governments, including EU Member States, Canada, Australia, and the United States
I. Legal Framework under International Law..
The Right to Life
The Right to Liberty and Security
Protection against Torture and Inhuman and Degrading Treatment
Right to a “Fair Hearing”
Non-Discrimination and Fundamental Rights
Medical Treatment and Protection of Children
II. Legal Discrimination against Sexual Minorities
Prima Facie Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities
Other Laws that May Apply to Sexual Minorities
Morality Laws Affecting Sexual Minorities
Military Exemption Regulations
III. The Death Penalty for Same-Sex Acts
Executions for the Crime of Lavat (Sodomy)
Current Death Sentences for the Crime of Lavat
Death Sentences against Juvenile Offenders
IV. Family, School and Society
Harassment and Abuse by Family and Relatives
Medical and Psychological Treatment
Harassment and Abuse at School, University, and Society at Large
V. Government Harassment and Abuse in Public Space
VI. Government Abuse Stemming from Invasions of Privacy
Home Raids
Internet Surveillance
VII. Ill-Treatment and Abuse by Security Forces during Detention
VIII. Abuses During Administration of Justice
IX. Lesbian and Bisexual Women
Pressures to Marry
Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Public Space
X. Transgender and Transsexual Iranians
Sex Reassignment Surgery
Afsaneh’s Story
XI. Restrictions on Human Rights Defenders Working on Issues Affecting Sexual Minorities
XII. The Situation of Iranian LGBT Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Appendix 1: Letter from Human Rights Watch to the Iranian Government requesting information for this report
Appendix 2: Follow-up Letter from Human Rights Watch to the Iranian Government requesting information for this report