November 12, 2009

"An Alleyway in Hell"

China's Abusive "Black Jails"

Map of China
I. Summary
Key Recommendations
II. Methodology
II. Background
China's Broken Petitioning System
The Abolition of Legal "custody and repatriation" and the Emergence of China's Black Jails
China's Black Jails System
Secret Facilities, Spartan Conditions
Police Complicity
Black Jails as "Study Classes"
III. Human Rights Abuses in Black Jails
Illegal Abductions
Physical Violence against Detainees
Denial of Detainees' Access to Medical Treatment
Food and Sleep Deprivation
Child Detainees
Threats to Petitioners
Theft and Extortion
Duration of Detention and Release
VI. Relevant International and Domestic Legal Standards
Petitioning is Protected
Prohibition of Secret Detention
Due Process of Law
Access to Legal Counsel and Family Members
Minimum Standards for Detention Facilities
Prohibition of Corporal Punishment and Torture of Detainees
VII. Recommendations
To The Government of the People's Republic of China
To Governments and International Bodies Funding Chinese Legal Reform or Concerned with Human Rights in China, including the United States, the European Union, the World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank
VI. Acknowledgements