April 16, 2009

Service for Life

State Repression and Indefinite Conscription in Eritrea

Map of Eritrea
To the government of Eritrea
To the United States and the European Union
To donors: the European Commission, the World Bank, and UN agencies
To the African Union
To countries hosting Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers, in particular Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Malta, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, and the UK
To the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Part 1: Background
Historical Context
Eritrea’s Regional Role
The Humanitarian Situation
Part 2: Human Rights Violations
Arbitrary Arrest, Detentions, and “Disappearances”
Torture and Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment
Prison Conditions
Extra-Judicial Killings and Deaths in Custody
Indefinite Forced Conscription
Forced Labor
Restrictions on the Freedoms of Expression, Conscience, and Movement
Part 3: The Experience of Eritrean Refugees
Lack of Protection and Forced Return of Refugees
Coercion of Eritreans in Exile
Part 4: Eritrea’s Legal Obligations
Eritrean Laws and Constitution
Eritrea’s International Obligations
Forced Labor
Part 5: Responding to Eritrea’s Crisis
Eritrean Foreign Policy
Annex: A List of Known Detention Facilities in Eritrea