October 17, 2008

"When I Die, They'll Send Me Home"

Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole in California

To the Governor of California
To the California State Legislature
To State and County Officials
To State Judges
To California District Attorneys
To Defense Attorneys
Teenagers Sentenced to Die in California Prisons
Why Youth are Serving Life without Parole in California
Crimes that Result in a Life without Parole Sentence
Unjust Results
Many Youth Sentenced to Life without Parole did not Actually Kill
The Worst Racial Disparity in the Nation
County Sentencing Practices Differ
Influence of Peers
Adult Codefendants
Legal Representation that Compromises Justice
The Late Teens and Early Twenties: A Dramatic Period for Personal Growth
Teens' Unique Potential for Change
Personal Experience of Change
Life Inside Prison
Fear and Violence
Barriers to Rehabilitative Opportunities
The Financial Cost of Sentencing Youth to Life without Parole in California
The Perspectives of Victims
What those Serving Life without Parole Want to Say to the Families of their Victims