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This report was written by Reed Brody, special counsel with Human Rights Watch. Research assistance was provided by: John Sifton, Afghanistan researcher; Katherine Kruk, intern; Joshua Franco, Warisha Farasat, and Kamran Serhat Choudhry, students at Columbia Law School; and Katherine Hawkins, student at Harvard Law School. Joe Saunders, deputy program director, edited the report; Wilder Tayler, legal and policy director, and James Ross, senior legal advisor; provided a legal review. Tom Malinowski, Washington advocacy director, added helpful comments. Rania Suidan, associate, prepared the report for publication, together with Katherine Kruk. Andrea Holley, publications director for Human Rights Watch, and Fitzroy Hepkins, mail manager, made possible the production of this report. Human Rights Watch is grateful to the Center for Constitutional Rights and to the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice of NYU School of Law for sharing their legal analyses with us.

Human Rights Watch would also like to thank the Atlantic Philanthropies and Franz Allina, who helped made this work possible.

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