Trials of a Tibetan Monk:
The Case of Tenzin Delek

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    Map 1: Provinces and Autonomous Regions of the People’s Republic of China
    Map2: Sichuan Province and Surrounding Areas
    Map 3: Southeastern Section of Kardze/Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

  1. Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Arrests
  4. Trial and Appeal
  5. Detention of Tenzin Delek’s Associates and Supporters
  6. Decline of Religious Activities and Social Institutions after Tenzin Delek’s Arrest
  7. Tenzin Delek’s Life and Work Prior to His April 2002 Arrest
  8. Conclusion


    Table 1: Associates of Tenzin Delek Imprisoned, Detained, Missing
    Table 2: Tenzin Delek Monasteries
    Table 3: Tenzin Delek Projects

    Appendix I: Statement of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Recorded Just Prior to June 16, 2000
    Appendix II: Interview with Kardze Court Judge, December 6, 2002
    Appendix III: Account of a Meeting of the United Front Work Department of Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 86
    Appendix IV: Account of a Meeting of the Communist Party of Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture 91
    Appendix V: Annoucement of Appeal Court Decision
    Appendix VI: Attempt to Hire Independent Counsel for Tenzin Delek Fails
    Appendix VII: Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Religious Policy


February 2004     Vol. 16, No. 1 (C)