October 15, 1995

The Fall of Srebrenica and the Failure of UN Peacekeeping

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Fall of Srebrenica
Prelude: Starvation and Manipulation of Aid
U.N. Failure to Prepare or React
Offensive against the UN Designated “Safe Area” of Srebrenica
Evacuation from Srebrenica
Bosnian Serb Forces Masquerade as U.N. Troops
Evacuation of Potocari and Early Killings
The List of Missing Men and Boys from Potocari
Evidence of Human Rights Abuses in Potocari Destroyed by Dutch Government
Transport to Kladanj: Bosnian Serbs Terrorize Evacuees, Slaughter Fleeing Men and Boys
Rape and Other Inhumane Treatment
Trek through Serbian-Controlled Territory
The Massacre Sites
The Nova Kasaba-Konjevic Polje Area: Prisoner Detention/Transit Center and Massacre Site
Massacre in the Karakaj Area
Massacre in the Bratunac Area
Appendix: The List of Missing Men and Boys from Potocari