May 12, 2011

Uncontrolled Pain

Ukraine’s Obligation to Ensure Evidence-Based Palliative Care

Map of Ukraine
Prologue: The Story of Vlad Zhukovsky
Key Recommendations
I. Overview: Palliative Care and Pain Treatment
II. Rural Areas: Unavailable or Hard-to-Access Strong Pain Medications
The Story of Konstantin Zvarich
Lack of Narcotics Licenses at Health Clinics and Pharmacies
A Broken Pain Treatment Delivery System
Pharmacies and Opioid Analgesics
III. Throughout Ukraine: Ensuring Quality of Pain Treatment Services
The Story of Lyubov Klochkova
Comparing Ukrainian Pain Treatment Practices with WHO Principles
Problems with Treatment of Non-Cancer Pain
IV. Exploring the Causes of Untreated Pain
Education of Healthcare Workers
Drug Availability
The Role of Pharmaceutical Company Zdorovye Narodu
The Role of the INCB and UNODC
V. The Human Rights Analysis
National Law
The Right to Health
Palliative Care and the Right to Health
The Prohibition of Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment
VI. A Way Forward: Recommendations  for Immediate Implementation
To the Ukrainian Government
To Zdorovye Narodu
To the International Community