May 12, 2010

My So-Called Emancipation

From Foster Care to Homelessness for California Youth

California’s Failure
Support Before and After Age 18 Is Needed
Key Recommendations
1.  Extend support for youth in foster care beyond age 18.
2. Guarantee that youth have useful emancipation plans.
3. Create real opportunities for youth to develop skills for independence.
4. Help youth establish relationships that extend beyond emancipation.
The California Foster Care System
An Overview
Emancipating from Foster Care
Selected Federal and State Laws Governing Emancipation
Findings: From Foster Care to Homelessness
Nowhere to Turn
California Failed to Prepare these Youth for Adulthood
Foster Youth Need Special Assistance
Support Beyond Age 18 is Needed
Leaving Homelessness Behind
Detailed Recommendations
Research Methods