February 23, 2010

Fast-Tracked Unfairness

Detention and Denial of Women Asylum Seekers in the UK

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
III. Background
The Standard Asylum Procedure
Women Seeking Asylum in the UK
Grounds and Gender
IV. The Detained Fast Track Procedure
The Development of the Detained Fast Track Procedure (DFT)
The DFT Procedure
Guidance on Who Should be placed into Fast Track
V. Failure to Protect—the Pitfalls of the DFT System for Women
Screening: Putting Women into DFT
Assessment of credibility
Quality and use of country information
Sources of Information
Additional materials used but not monitored
The Use of COI Information
Access to Legal Representation and Expert Reports
Legal Representation
Expert reports
Detention: Necessary or Arbitrary and Excessive?
The UK’s Obligation to Ensure the Right to Asylum..