July 7, 2005

Blood-Stained Hands

Past Atrocities in Kabul and Afghanistan's Legacy of Impunity

II. Historical Background
III. The Battle for Kabul: April 1992-March 1993
A:April December 1992
Ethnic fighting in West Kabul and the Hezb-e Islami attacks on Kabul

Wahdat, Ittihad and Jamiat in West Kabul

Rocketing and shelling by Hezb-e Islami

Violations of International Humanitarian Law

Abductions, "Disappearances," Torture, and Other Mistreatment of Detainees

Abductions by Wahdat

Abductions by Ittihad

Abuse of Prisoners


Pillage and Looting

Violations of International Humanitarian Law

Rape and Sexual Violence
B:October 1992-February 1993
January February 1993: Conflict Continues
C:February 1993: the Afshar Campaign

Artillery Attacks

The Ground Attack

Evidence of Mutilations, and Cases of Looting and Forced Labor

The effects of the Afshar campaign

After Afshar

Violations of International Humanitarian Law

IV. Culpability101
A.Applicable law.. 101
B. Culpability of specific individuals109



Hezb-e Islami

Jamiat, Shura-e Nazar, and the Afghan Government of 1992-1993



Afterword: The Complicity of Other Countries123