June 8, 2011

Distorted Justice

Kyrgyzstan’s Flawed Investigations and Trials on the 2010 Violence

To the Government of Kyrgyzstan
To the General Prosecutor’s Office
To the Ministry of Internal Affairs
To the Kyrgyz Parliament
To Kyrgyzstan’s International Partners
I. Background
June 2010 Inter-Ethnic Clashes in the South
Violence Strikes
II. Kyrgyzstan’s Obligations and Record on Torture and Ill-Treatment
Kyrgyzstan’s International Obligations
Domestic Law and its Shortcomings
Kyrgyzstan’s Record
III. Arbitrary Arrests, Ill-treatment, and Torture
Immediately After June Events
Continued Use of Torture
Denial of Due Process Guarantees
Enforced Disappearances and Incommunicado Detention
Denial of Adequate Legal Representation
IV. Impunity for Torture and Ill-Treatment
Inadequate Preliminary Inquiries
Pressuring Victims to Withdraw Complaints
Failure to Act on Information and Allegations of Torture
Use of Statements Extracted under Torture
Confessions Given Undue Weight
V. Violations during Trials
Attacks on Participants in Trials
Role of the Authorities
Impact on Fair Trial Rights
VI. Unequal Access to Justice
Appendix 1: Selected Cases
Appendix 2: Attacks during Trial
Appendix 3: Correspondence between Human Rights Watch and the Government of Kyrgyzstan