August 16, 2010

“Where is the Justice?”*

Interethnic Violence in Southern Kyrgyzstan and its Aftermath

* Writing on posters held up by Uzbek women protesting abuse by security forces outside the house of 20-year-old Khairullo Amanbaev, who died from injuries sustained in police custody.

Mayhem in Southern Kyrgyzstan June 10-14
The Role and Responsibilities of the Authorities
Violations in the Aftermath of the Violence
Response of the Authorities
International Response and Recommendations
Background: Old Grievances and Political Upheaval
Past and Current Grievances
The 1990 Osh riots
Unequal distribution of economic and political power
Political Violence and Upheaval in April 2010..
Continued unrest
Growing tensions in southern Kyrgyzstan
Mayhem in Southern Kyrgyzstan June 10-14
Eruption of Violence and Attacks on Uzbek Neighborhoods in Osh
Eruption of violence June 10-11
Mobilization of crowds within and beyond Osh
Clashes at barricades
Killings, disappearances, and hostage-taking
Systematic attacks on Uzbek neighborhoods
Spread of Violence to the Jalal-Abad Province
The Role of Government Forces in the Attacks
Use of Government Weapons and Equipment in the Attacks
Failure to Prevent and Stop the Violence
Killings, Torture, and Arbitrary Arrests in the Aftermath of the June Violence
Violations during Large-Scale Sweep Operations
Sweep operation in Nariman
Sweep operation on Kalinina Street
Sweep operation in Cheremushki
Sweep operation in Shait-Tepe
Arbitrary Arrests during Targeted Security Operations
Disproportionate Arrests among Ethnic Uzbeks
Torture and Ill-treatment in Detention
Selected cases
Harassment of Lawyers
Authorities’ Response to Allegations of Torture and Arbitrary Arrests
Failure to Prevent Continued Interethnic Violence
Continued Attacks in the Immediate Aftermath of June 10-14 Violence
Intimidation and Attacks on Relatives of Detainees
Other Forms of Harassment and Discrimination
International Response
Discussion about a Policing Mission
Calls for an Independent International Investigation
To the Government of Kyrgyzstan
To Kyrgyzstan’s International Partners, in particular European Union and OSCE Member States
To the United Nations Secretary General and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
To the United Nations Security Council