September 11, 2008

Waiting for Justice

Unpunished Crimes from Nepal's Armed Conflict

Map of Nepal
Key Recommendations
Note on Methodology
II. At War and At Peace
The Civil War
Comprehensive Peace Agreement
III. History of Impunity
IV. Complaints Filed, but No Response
Failures to Investigate and Prosecute
Role of the Nepal Police
Initial Response After the Abuse
Continued Failure to Act
Disposal of Bodies
Role of the Nepal Army
Role of Public Prosecutors
Role of the Forensic Profession
Role of the Courts
Investigation Bodies
Transitional Justice
V. De jure Impunity
Law Reform: The Need to Criminalize Enforced Disappearances and Torture
Weak Legal Framework for Investigations
State Cases Act
Local Administration Act
Police Act
Army Act
Public Security Act
Commission of Inquiry Act
Muluki Ain (National Code)
VI. Recommendations
To the Government of Nepal
To the Constituent Assembly
To the Army
To the Police
To the CPN-M..
To India, China, USA, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan and Other Influential International Actors
VII. Acknowledgements
Appendix: 62 Pending Cases of Human Rights Violations by District