July 30, 2008

Internal Fight

Palestinian Abuses in Gaza and the West Bank

I. Summary
II. Background
January 2006 Elections
June 2007 Fighting
Two Authorities
Consolidation and Control
III. West Bank: Abuses against Hamas
Torture and Death in Custody of Imam Majid al-Barghuti
A.W. in Nablus
B.D. in Nablus
Teachers in Jenin
Ashraf Othman Muhammad Bader in Hebron
N.T. in Ramallah
M.S. in Nablus
Ahmed Ismail Doleh
S.Z. in Bethlehem..
IV. Gaza: Abuses against Fatah
Death of Sami 'Atiya Khattab
November 12, 2007, Demonstration in Gaza City
Man in al-Shifa Hospital
E.M. in Gaza City
Yusif Mohamed Abu Hussein in Gaza City
B.R. in Khan Younis
Alla Yassin Abu Awad in Gaza City
H.S. in Khan Younis
F.B. in Khan Younis
V. The Role of International Donors
VI. Legal Standards
International Law..
Palestinian Law..
VII. Recommendations102
VIII. Acknowledgments109