February 20, 2008

Choking on Bureaucracy

 State Curbs on Independent Civil Society Activism

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
To the Russian Government
With regard to the 2006 NGO law..
To safeguard the work and role of NGOs in general
To Russia's International Partners, particularly the European Union and the Council of Europe
To Donors
III. Background
Dismantling Checks and Balances
Crackdown on Dissent and Political Opposition
Adoption of the 2006 NGO Law..
Efforts to Discredit Human Rights and Foreign-Funded NGOs
Russia's NGO Sector
NGO funding
Human rights NGOs' declining influence
Public Chamber
IV. The 2006 NGO Law..
European Convention on Human Rights
Changes Introduced by the 2006 NGO Law at a Glance
The 2006 NGO Law in Practice
Registration of new organizations and registration of statute and other changes
Registration Service inspections of NGOs
Annual reporting
NGO dissolution
Offices of foreign NGOs operating in Russia
V. Other Types of Pressure on Civil Society
Administrative and Judicial Harassment
Criminal proceedings against heads of NGOs
Administrative harassment
Anti-Extremism Legislation
Threats to Activists