November 28, 2006

"The Silent Treatment"

Fleeing Iraq, Surviving in Jordan

I. Map
II. Executive Summary
Refugee Terminology
III. Background
IV. Refoulement-Rejections at the Border and Deportations
Jordan's Nonrefoulement Obligations
Nonrefoulement obligation adheres to de facto refugees and at the border
Rejection at the Border
Arrests and Deportations of Iraqi Nationals
UNHCR-recognized refugees
Asylum-seeker card holders under UNHCR's temporary protection regime
Persons UNHCR rejected as refugees prior to 2003, but whose need for at least temporary protection may have changed because of the war
Persons who have not approached UNHCR, but who fled persecution or generalized violence..
V. UNHCR and Temporary Protection
Registration for temporary protection-Asylum cards
Complementary Protection: Another Approach in the Absence of a TPR..
VI. Surviving in Jordan
Visas and Residence Permits
Health Care..
VII. Vulnerable Groups
Alleged Collaborators
Former Ba`thists and Their Families
Professionals and Intellectuals
Iraqi Christians and Mandaeans
Palestinians at Al-Ruwaishid Camp..
Iranian Kurds
VIII. The Response of Other Countries to Iraqis Fleeing War and Persecution
The Response of Syria..
The Response of Lebanon..
The Response of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia..
The Response of Iran..
The Response of Turkey
The Response of Yemen and Egypt
The Response of the United States, United Kingdom and Other Resettlement and Donor Countries outside the Region..