June 7, 2005

"Bullets Were Falling Like Rain"

The Andijan Massacre, May 13, 2005

Map of Andijan Center
Executive Summary
Note on the Use of Names
Introduction: Prelude to the May 13 Events
Trial of 23 Businessmen
May 13: A Day of Violence, Protests, and Massacre
The Attacks in the Night and the Prison Break
The Protests at Bobur Square
The Taking of Hostages
The Continuing Rally and Government Shootings
The Negotiations with the Government
The Storming of Bobur Square and the Killing Zone
Sealing off of Bobur Square
Human shields and the flight down Cholpon Prospect
The killing near School 15
The Flight from Andijan
Lack of Medical Attention for the Wounded, and the Execution of Wounded Persons
The Aftermath of the May 13 Shootings
The Government's Account of the Events
Unknown Fate of the Bodies
City Sealed Off
Intimidation of Witnesses
Preventing the Flow of Information
The Human Rights Context of the Andijan Events
Terrorism and Political Violence in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan's Human Rights Record
Significance of the Fergana Valley
Economic Background
Risks of Future Violence and Instability
To the United Nations:
To the United States
To the European Union:
To the Government of the Russian Federation:
To the Government of China:
To the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE):
To the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD):