February 17, 2005

`Ali Hassan al-Majid and the Basra Massacre of 1999

II. Identifying the Perpetrators
The Basra Execution List
Information about the Perpetrators
III. The al-Sadr Intifada of 1999
IV. Reprisals: Gross and Systematic Violations of Human Rights
Arbitrary Arrest of Suspects
Mass Summary Execution and Burial at Unmarked Mass Graves
Arbitrary Detention and Abuse of Family Members of Suspects
Collective Punishment: House Demolitions and Displacement
V. The Need for Accountability and Justice
Appendix: Basra Execution List
Even I have a gun, like everyone else now.But I have locked it away, and I don't tell my family that I have it.If they find out that I have this gun, they will take it and use it to kill the Ba`th Party members that used to live here, because we know they were responsible for Mustafa's death.Even I could not control myself. I have lived my life and I have buried my son I want justice.
Jawad Kadhim `Ali, Basra, May 7, 2003