September 27, 2004

Aceh at War:

Torture, Ill-Treatment, and Unfair Trials

I. Summary
II. Methodology
A Note on GAM Abuses
III. Background
IV. Torture and Other Mistreatment of Prisoners and Detainees
V. Violations of Due Process, Unfair Trials
Charges of Treason and Rebellion
Arbitrary Arrests
Access to Counsel, Right to Prepare a Defense
Unfair Trials
VI. Detention and Prison Facilities
Transfers to Java
Restrictions on Family Visits
VII. Recommendations
To the Government of Indonesia
Treatment in Detention
Arbirtary Arrest and Detention
Right to a Fair Trial
To the Indonesian Judiciary
To the international community, particularly the quartet (U.S., E.U., Japan, World Bank) taking the lead on Aceh
VII. Appendix
Appendix 1: Recommendations made by the Committee Against Torture on November 12-23, 2001:
Appendix 2: Other HRW publications on Aceh