July 21, 2004

Soiled Hands:

The Pakistan Army's Repression of the Punjab Farmers' Movement

Map 1: Pakistan Provinces
Map 2: Punjab Districts
Table 1: Population Distribution across Okara District
I. Summary
II. Key Recommendations
III. Background
Struggle Against Eviction
"Ownership or Death": Radicalization of the farmers' movement
The Pakistan Rangers
The Response of the Pakistan Army
IV. Human Rights Violations
Bashir Ahmed
Mohammad Tufail Cheema
Salman Masih
Mohammad Amir
Muhmmad Iqbal
Muhammad Akram...
Bashir Ahmad
Torture and Beatings of Children
Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Arbitrary Dismissal, Mistreatment, and Torture of Military Farm Employees
"Forced Divorce"
Restrictions on Freedom of Speech
V. International Law and Forced Evictions
VI. Recommendations
To the Government of Pakistan:
To Donors and other International Actors:
VII. Appendices
Appendix 1: Letter from Board of Revenue (BoR), Punjab, to Defense Ministry, Islamabad
Appendix 2: Divorce Deed of Basharat Mehmood
Appendix 3: Request for Confirmation of Divorce to Union Council
Appendix 4: Union Council's Notice on Request for Confirmation of Divorce
Appendix 5: Union Council's Notice on Receipt of Request for Cancellation of Divorce
Appendix 6: Affidavit from Basharat Mehmood Seeking Withdrawal of "Forced" Divorce
VIII. Acknowledgements