July 2, 2009

 "What Your Children Do Will Touch Upon You"

Punitive House-Burning in Chechnya

I. Summary
II. Recommendations
To the Government of the Russian Federation
To Russia's International Partners
To the Council of Europe
III. Background
Second Chechnya War and "Chechenization" of the Conflict
Human Rights Abuses and Counterinsurgency in Chechnya
Nature of the Insurgency Today
Unlawful Tactics Used by Insurgents in Chechnya
IV. Punitive House-Burning
House-Burning as a Means of Persecution
2008: Surge in House-Burning
Government Responsibility for Punitive House-Burning
Official Responses to Allegations of House-Burning
House-Burning, Collective Punishment, and Russia's Legal Obligations
V. Punitive House-Burning Cases mid-July 2008 to March 2009
Shali District
Burning of the house of Beslan B.'s family, Shali
Repeated burning of the house of Rizvan R.'s family, Shali
Burning of the house of Sugaip S., Mesker-Yurt
Burning of the G. family house and subsequent torture of Azman A., Argun
Naur District
Burning of Vakha V. 's house and attempted kidnapping of his nephews, Sovetskaia Rossiya (Rubezhnoe) village
Burning of Mita M.'s house, Novoterskoe
Shatoi District
Burning of the house of Sapar S.'s family, Aslambek Sharipov village
Vedeno District
Burning of the house of Davlet D.'s family, Tevzani
Burning of the house of Abbali A.'s family, Tevzani
Burning of the house of Nazir N.'s family, Elistanzhi
Kurchaloi District
Burning of the three houses belonging to Tamerlan T.'s family, Ahkinchu-Barzoi
Burning of Isaxat I.'s house, Khidi-Khutor