The Uzbek Government’s Forced Labor System

Banks State & Private companiesprovide workers and money for cotton work UniversitiesHigher Education Institutionsprovide teachers, staf, and students for cotton work Mahalla Committeesrecruit and mobilize residents, including people receiving benefts CollegesLyceumsprovide teachers, staf, third year, and sometimes frst and second year students for cotton work Primary SchoolsSecondary Schoolsprovide teachers, staf, and sometimes children for cotton work HospitalsClinicsprovide healthcare workers for cotton work Ministry of Higher & Secondary Specialized Educationmobilizes students and education workers Ministry of Public Educationmobilizes education workers Ministry of Healthmobilizes healthcare workers District & City Hokimsdistribute and enforce quotas, supervise harvest and labor mobilization, allocate workers Regional Hokimsimpose and enforce quotes on farmers and institutions, mobilize labor Ministry of JusticeMinistry of InteriorNational Security Serviceassist ofcials to supervise cotton work, enforce quotas, and mobilize workers Ministry of Labor & Social ProtectionILO social partner runs feedback mechanism Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resourcesoversees production, agricultural services, and water supply; sets production quotas for regions State Tax Committeecollects taxes and payments Ministry of Financesets prices, supplies credit, collects revenue Prime Ministerdirectly oversees cotton sector, meets with regional and local ofcials Presidentsets overall cotton policy Cabinet of Ministersimplements cotton policy The Uzbek Government’s Forced Labor System Decree from President on organizational measures ensuring the timely and quality harvesting of raw cotton in 2014: Letter from regional prosecutor confrming the decision to mobilize employees in the cotton harvest was issued by the Uzbek Cabinet of Ministers in July 2016: Order from company branch to send employees for cotton work: Nurses failing to fulfl daily cotton quotas are threatened with dismissal: Ledger from an education department reporting on teach-ers sent to the harvest: A pupil’s school diary saying “cotton - Day of”: Contract by school requiring students to take part in cotton harvesting or else face expulsion: Notice to organizations, enter-prises, and business entities of a district to participate in the cotton harvest: Transcript of police ofcer ordering shopkeeper to go to cotton felds: Click to see documentation