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The impact of landmines in Cambodia and call for a ban

Published as Cambodia emerged from decades of conflict, The Coward's War documents how antipersonnel landmines were used by all warring factions. As internally displaced persons were preparing to return from the Thai border, the report describes the…
Following the liberation of Kuwait, the thirst to avenge the horrors of the Iraqi occupation spawned a new round of human rights victims this time at Kuwaiti hands. Despite calls to defend human rights in rallying support for the war against Iraq, the…

Inquest Faults Police in Killings at Jerusalem Holy Site but Judge Orders no Charges

Middle East Watch commends the extensive investigation published by Israeli Magistrate Ezra Kama on July 18 into the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif killings.  However, Middle East Watch is disturbed that, in light of evidence establishing criminal conduct…