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Daily Brief
Beijing cements its control over Hong Kong; Syria conference on humanitarian needs; Canada fails to bring detained citizens home from Syria; hundreds held in unofficial detention centers in Yemen; Philippines' “war on drugs” killing children; freedom of…
Protesters gather during a rally against the police's use of tear gas in Hong Kong, December 6, 2019.
  Summary “Please, bring me back to Canada. … Please, forgive me. Let me be who I am, a Canadian.” —Kimberly Polman, Canadian detained in camp for ISIS family members in Northeast Syria More than one year ago, in March 2019, local fighters aided by a…
Daily Brief
Economic rights at risk amid pandemic; Covid-19's economic effects in the UK; good and bad news from the US; latest in China's campaign against the Uyghurs; and Syrian security forces beat and arrest peaceful protesters. Get the Daily Brief by email.
A Supreme Court review of the division of matrimonial property law may provide clarity for Kenyans on rights to land, houses, and other assets acquired during marriage. Over the last decade, Kenya has enacted laws to ensure equality of spouses in…
Summary As the Syria conflict continues into its tenth year, Syrian refugee children in Jordan are confronting obstacles to education that grow more acute as they progress into secondary education. Every child has the right to a quality primary and…