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Army, Militia Respond with Summary Executions, Enforced Disappearances

(Nairobi) – Armed Islamist groups and government security forces and militia in Burkina Faso are committing increased abuses against civilians as the conflict there intensifies and widens, Human Rights Watch said today. The Burkina Faso government,…
A government soldier walks past a group of villagers displaced by fighting in Burkina Faso’s northern Sahel region, February 3, 2020.
Trending rights tweets this week: Israeli police assaulted Palestinians during journalist Shireen Abu Aqla’s funeral procession; President Putin is sending Ukrainians from Mariupol, Ukraine, to remote corners of Russia; and the most serious women’s…
Israeli police assaulted Palestinians during journalist Shireen Abu Aqla’s funeral procession.

Groundbreaking Commitments in Implementing Regional Court’s Ruling

“We recognize before the international community, the Honduran people, and the family of Vicky Hernández, the responsibility of the Honduran state in the events that led to her death,” President Xiomara Castro said on May 9. Vicky Hernández, a…
Rosa Hernández, mother of Vicky Hernández, holding a picture of her daughter.

Oversight Failures by State Attorney General’s Office

At least eight state police vehicles carrying men armed with assault rifles, some in military fatigues, drove into the Jacarezinho neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on May 11. They stopped, and before shocked onlookers, used a crowbar to remove…
The memorial in the Jacarezinho neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil showing an inscription and names of those killed on metal plates

Ominous Action Days After Beijing Appoints City’s New Chief

(New York) – The Hong Kong police should drop their baseless criminal investigations against five prominent pro-democracy advocates, Human Rights Watch said today. The cases highlight the Hong Kong government's broadening crackdown on human rights.…
From left, retired Archbishop of Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, barrister Margaret Ng, Professor Hui Po-Keung, and singer Denise Ho attend a press conference to announce the closure of the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund
Daily Brief
The bodies of more than 1,000 civilians have been recovered in areas north of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv that were occupied by Russian forces, the United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet told a special session of the United Nations Human…
Ukrainian authorities in Bucha exhume bodies from a mass grave

Camp of Presumptive President Ignores, Harasses Journalists

At a press conference this week, a spokesperson for Ferdinand Marcos Jr. repeatedly ignored questions from journalist Lian Buan of Rappler about an outstanding contempt order in the United States against the incoming Philippine president. This is…
Incoming Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. speaks to reporters

Appeal Court Confirms Role of Senior Officials in 2010 Chebeya-Bazana Murders

On May 11, the High Military Court in Democratic Republic of Congo upheld the guilty verdicts of two senior Congolese police officers for the assassination of leading human rights defender Floribert Chebeya and his driver, Fidèle Bazana, in 2010.…
A man wearing a T-shirt with portraits of Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana attends the trial in Kinshasa on April 30, 2013 of policemen accused of killing the two men in 2010.
Summary Before [being intimidated], we would watch films and have debates and discussions in the classroom [about gender and sexuality]. But I became scared, this was their goal. I don’t have the same willingness anymore. I am very careful now…

Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) Recommendations Should Be Followed by Accountability

Dawda A. Jallow Minister of Justice and Attorney General Attorney General's Chambers and Ministry of Justice Marina Parade Banjul The Gambia 11 May 2022 Dear Honourable Minister Jallow THE TRRC RECOMMENDATIONS SHOULD BE…

Abuses Overlooked to Justify Cruel Asylum Policy

This week, the United Kingdom published its safety assessment on Rwanda, intended to justify a recently announced agreement to send asylum seekers crossing the English Channel or other so called “irregular” or dangerous routes to the Central African…
Protesters hold placards reading "refugees welcome here" at a demonstration
Daily Brief
A new report published today by Human Rights Watch documents how Russian armed forces have used at least six types of cluster munitions during the war in Ukraine. Ukrainian forces also appear to have used them at least once. Cluster munitions spread…

Human Rights Watch Oral Statement

34th Special Session of the UN Human Rights Council 12 May 2022 Human Rights Watch has documented grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law by Russian military forces in occupied areas of Ukraine, including summary…

Home Office Should Expedite Long-Term Housing, Support Services

(London) – The uncertainty and crowding in temporary housing is causing growing tensions for Afghan evacuees in the United Kingdom, especially women. Eight months after emergency evacuations from Afghanistan, many Afghan evacuees to the UK are…
Refugees from Afghanistan wait to be processed after arriving on an evacuation flight at Heathrow Airport, London, on August 26, 2021.

Scrap Discriminatory Bills and Laws, Support Teachers

(São Paulo) – Lawmakers and other public officials at the federal, state, and municipal levels in Brazil have used pernicious legal and political tactics to undermine and even prohibit gender and sexuality education, Human Rights Watch said in a…
A teacher stands in front of a classroom of students

Following Eid, Authorities Ramp Up Restrictions, Crackdown

On May 7, a 62-year-old Rohingya refugee was returning to her shelter in Kutupalong camp after collecting food rations when she was stopped at a checkpoint with other Rohingya by officers from Bangladesh’s Armed Police Battalion, or APBn, who refused…
Summary This report presents the types of cluster munitions being used in the international armed conflict in Ukraine in 2022 and the civilian casualties immediately suffered and civilian objects damaged. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on…

Russia, Ukraine Should Join International Ban Treaty

Russian armed forces have used at least six types of cluster munitions in attacks in Ukraine, and Ukrainian forces also appear to have used them at least once. Cluster munitions spread multiple explosive submunitions or bomblets over a wide area…

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