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Daily Brief
How to protect children's rights in the age of coronavirus; Bolivia justice system abused to persecute government opponents; Brexit update from UK; good & bad Myanmar news; rule of law is a horrible joke in Egypt; public humiliation of critic in…
Jordan Kid

Critic’s Punishment and Disappearance is Met with Moscow’s Silence

A video circulating on Russian social media shows a young man apparently being forced to penetrate himself with a glass bottle: a forced punishment for allegedly helping to “spread lies” about Chechen authorities. It once again highlights the Chechen…
Graphic circulating on Russian social media in support of  the Telegram channel "1ADAT". 
Summary In recent years, social media platforms have been taking down online content more often and more quickly, often in response to the demands of governments, but in a way that prevents the use of that content to investigate people suspected of…
(Perth, September 15, 2020) – Three suspected suicides in the last four months in Western Australia’s prisons have highlighted the urgent need for better mental health services and support for prisoners with mental health conditions, Human Rights Watch…

After Iranian women started sharing stories of sexual violence, the Iranian authorities have been forced to act.

Click to expand Image Iranian women wearing masks to protect themselves…
Iranian women wearing masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus walk at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran on February 20, 2020.