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Summary Weapons systems that select and engage targets without meaningful human control are unacceptable and need to be prevented. All countries have a duty to protect humanity from this dangerous development by banning fully autonomous weapons.…
Daily Brief
Excessive police violence in Belarus and Beirut; blow to media freedom in Hong Kong; China announces sanctions against Human Rights Watch's director; the importance of saving humanity from fully autonomous weapons; crackdown on LGBT activists in Poland;…
Man waving Belorussian flag
Trending rights tweets this week: Devastation and resilience in Lebanon; academic freedom in Australia under threat from China; creative opposition to the Polish president’s anti-LGBT rhetoric;  and Colombia’s Supreme Court shows no one is above the law…
People wave a Lebanese national flag during a protest in Central Beirut December 11, 2006.

Respect Freedom of Expression, Equality for Everyone

Click to expand Image The Mermaid of Warsaw statue is seen holding the…
The Mermaid of Warsaw statue is seen holding the LGBT rainbow flag and wearing a pink mask with the anarcha-queer symbol in Warsaw, Poland July 29, 2020 in this image taken from social media.
Daily Brief
The long-term failure of Lebanon's authorities; ramping up repression in Belarus ahead of election; justice still needed for victims in eastern Ukraine; Russia's regressive family code proposal; a unique protest against hate in Poland; the fundamental…
Aftermath of the explosions at Beirut's seaport, August 5, 2020.