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Delivered by Steve Goose, Executive Director

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines would like to congratulate States Parties and the Implementation Support Unit for finding a way to make this Meeting of States Parties happen during these difficult times. It is yet another example of the…

Delivered by Steve Goose, Arms Division Executive Director

The overall record of compliance with the Mine Ban Treaty by States Parties is very impressive. There have been no allegations of use of antipersonnel mines in many years and just one confirmed instance of use by a State Party—Yemen, nearly a decade ago.…
On January 31, 2020, the administration of President Donald Trump announced the reversal of US prohibitions on landmine production and use. The decision nullifies years of steps by the US to align its policy and practice with the 1997 treaty banning…

Delivered by Mary Wareham, Advocacy Director

Mr. President,
 Stockpile destruction is undoubtedly one of the great success stories of the Mine Ban Treaty. Under the Mine Ban Treaty, a total of 93 States Parties have collectively destroyed more than 55 million antipersonnel landmines from…
Summary Most antipersonnel landmines possessed by states that joined the Mine Ban Treaty were swiftly destroyed by the time the treaty entered into force on 1 March 1999. In the 20 years since, there has been steady progress to destroy remaining stocks,…

Conference Marks 20 Years of the Mine Ban Treaty

Click to expand Image Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy,…
Armed groups have committed egregious abuses against Colombian and Venezuelan civilians as they fight for control in Catatumbo, northeastern Colombia, Human Rights Watch. 
 The report, “The War in Catatumbo: Abuses by Armed Groups Against…