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Proposed New York City Law a Model for Regulation

Click to expand Image Boston Dynamics presents its SpotMini robot at…
A black robot with four legs resembling a dog stands on a stage in front of a shite background.

Removing human control from the use of force is a grave threat to humanity that deserves urgent multilateral action

When the international debate over fully autonomous weapons began in 2013, a common question was whether robots or machines would perform better than humans. Could providing more autonomy in weapons systems result in greater accuracy and precision? Could…
Killer robots
Summary Fully autonomous weapons would usher in a new era of armed conflict, similar to the advent of air warfare or the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems or “killer robots,” these systems would select and…
Summary Weapons systems that select and engage targets without meaningful human control are unacceptable and need to be prevented. All countries have a duty to protect humanity from this dangerous development by banning fully autonomous weapons.…

Peace Prize Provides Impetus for Banning Killer Robots

Click to expand Image Growing opposition to fully autonomous weapons…
Growing opposition to fully autonomous weapons from various quarters shows how the public conscience supports banning weapons systems that lack meaningful human control.
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In 2020, you should be watching for… growing international rejection of “killer robots”—weapons that would kill without meaningful human control—and increasing calls for a new treaty to preemptively ban them. Allowing machines to select and target human…

The International Community Should Launch Negotiations to Ban the Weapons

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Delivered by Mary Wareham, Human Rights Watch for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

Thank you Mr. Chair.
 The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is the rapidly growing coalition of more than 130 non-governmental organizations in 60 countries working with urgency to prohibit fully autonomous weapons, also known as lethal autonomous…

Delivered by Bonnie Docherty, Senior Researcher

Thank you for the floor.
 Human Rights Watch is one of the founders of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and the global coordinator of the Campaign. Over the past six years, we have urged High Contracting Parties to identify options for…