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Prompted by a seemingly endless string of stories about suicides by people suffering from cancer pain, the Russian government has finally been pressured into acting - by barring the media from reporting on the issue. The story begins with a February 20…
It’s rare that a high-level Russian official takes a public stand for justice vis-a-vis the law enforcement establishment. But Russia’s health minister did just that.
 The minister, Veronika Skvorstova, publicly endorsed the acquittal of a…

Ask Court to Reinstate Lawyer Removed From Case

(Moscow) – Russian authorities should immediately withdraw drug trafficking and forgery charges against a doctor and a woman who helped a dying cancer patient in excruciating pain obtain pain medication. Authorities should also petition the local court to…

Use of Criminal Sanctions for Providing Pain Medications to a Terminally Ill Man

June 11, 2013
 Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation
 Yury Yakovlevich Chayka
 Moscow, Russian Federation
 Dear Yury Yakovlevich,
 I am writing to express Human Rights Watch’s concerns about the May 20…

Access to Oral Morphine Will Improve End-of-Life Care

(New York) – Ukraine’s recent registration of oral morphine, a strong pain medication used most frequently to treat severe cancer pain, is a major step toward improving end-of-life care, Human Rights Watch said today.
 The registration, on…

 Rehabilitation Required
 Human Rights Obligation to Provide Evidence-based Drug Dependence Treatment 
 Summary and Recommendations
 Drug Use and Drug Policy…