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RE: Decriminalization on Abortion in South Korea

May 23, 2018
 Justices of the Constitutional Court of Korea
 15 Bukchon-ro, Jae-dong
 Seoul 03060
 Republic of Korea
 Honorable Justices of the Constitutional Court of Korea,…

March 2017

This submission highlights concerns about the Republic of Korea (South Korea)’s compliance with its international human rights obligations since its previous Universal Periodic Reviews (UPR) in 2012 and 2008. The submission focuses on problems related to…

Forced Return by China Could Mean Torture, Death

(Seoul) – South Korean President Park Geun-Hye should urgently press Chinese leaders in Beijing to halt the forced return of a group of nine North Korean refugees to North Korea, and to permit them to travel and seek asylum in a country of their choice,…
China-North Korea Border
Accused of not being “girly enough,” she was frequently swarmed by students and beaten with a roll of paper. Her teachers witnessed the abuse again and again but did nothing. She begged her junior high classmates for help -- but they told her to endure…
A 20 year old Japanese woman who was bullied by her classmates in junior high school holds a notebook displaying the message...

UN Vote Upholds Council Membership Standards on Rights

(New York) – UN member states enforced the standards they established for the new Human Rights Council by not re-electing Sri Lanka to the body today. Domestic and international human rights advocates who had opposed Sri Lanka’s re-election to the council…

Letter to Incoming Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Your Excellency, We congratulate you on your appointment to UN secretary-general. Your leadership comes at a time in which the United Nation’s role in human rights has never been more important. As the leader of the UN system and as its chief advocate…
(New York) - The new UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, should put human rights at the center of his agenda, Human Rights Watch said today. In a letter to the incoming secretary-general, Human Rights Watch addressed a number of the key issues that will…
(Seoul) - South Korea is taking a step in the right direction by deciding for the first time to vote in favor of an upcoming United Nations General Assembly resolution on North Korea’s human rights situation, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights…

Commitment to Stand Up to Human Rights Violators Required

(New York) - The incoming UN secretary-general must be prepared to speak out publicly against human rights abusers wherever they are found, however powerful they are, Human Rights Watch said today. The Security Council late yesterday afternoon conducted a…