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World Day Against Child Labor Highlights Exploitation in Domestic Work

(New York) – Governments should mark June 12, 2013, the World Day against Child Labor, by strengthening legal protections for the 15.5 million child domestic workers worldwide, Human Rights Watch said today. Governments should ratify the International…

Women’s Groups Feel Pressured in Campaign Against Blanket Abortion Ban

(Washington, DC) - The Nicaraguan government should take steps to ensure that human rights defenders are free to promote and protect women's rights without harassment or intimidation, Human Rights Watch said today. Since beginning a campaign against a…
Until recently, Nicaraguan women had something to celebrate on March 8, International Women’s Day. Nicaraguan women have fought for years to protect women’s rights, not to restrict them, and decades ago the government eliminated some of the sexist laws…

 Over Their Dead
 Denial of
 Access to Emergency Obstetric Care and Therapeutic Abortion in Nicaragua
 A Brief History of Abortion and the Law in Nicaragua
 Impact of the Ban on Therapeutic Abortion…

President Ortega Should Show Leadership by Protecting Women s Lives

Nicaragua’s blanket ban on abortion, which criminalizes life-saving medical treatment, has had a devastating impact on women’s health and lives, Human Rights Watch said today in the first-ever report on the human rights consequences of the ban, which was…

Women Afraid to Seek Life-Saving Treatment

Nicaragua’s new blanket ban on abortion – even in cases of rape, incest or life-threatening pregnancy – violates international human rights standards and poses a grave risk to women, Human Rights Watch said today in an open letter to the country’s Supreme…