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Modernized System for Prescribing Strong Medicines

(Mexico City) – Mexico’s introduction on June 15, 2015, of a new system for prescribing and dispensing strong prescription pain medicines will significantly improve health care for people with advanced illnesses, Human Rights Watch said today.
More children work in agriculture than in any other industry in the world. But the scale and complexity of the problem is no excuse for tolerating a practice that traps children in multi-generational cycles of poverty, or, worse, leaves them injured,…

Palliative Care Guidelines Issued

(Mexico City) – The Mexican Health Ministry took an important step on December 09, 2014, to ensure access to palliative care for people suffering from pain due to incurable illness, Human Rights Watch said today. The government released long-awaited…

 Care When There Is No Cure
 Ensuring the Right to Palliative Care in Mexico

 Legal Base and Interpretation of the Law

 Models of Care…

Enforce Law Guaranteeing Pain Relief

(Mexico City) – Tens of thousands of patients with terminal illnesses in Mexico suffer unnecessarily from severe pain and other symptoms because they cannot access adequate end-of-life care, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The 122-…
Mexican President Vicente Fox’s proposed labor reform package would deal a serious blow to workers’ human rights, Human Rights Watch said today. “Workers in Mexico already face unacceptable obstacles to exercising their rights to join independent unions…
When trade negotiators and street protestors in Miami this week debate the impact of a Free Trade Area of the Americas on workers throughout the region, they should consider its precursor, the North American Free Trade Agreement, as a cautionary tale. In…

Mexican Government Allows Pregnancy Discrimination by International Business

In a report released today, Human Rights Watch documents the Mexican government's failure to enforce its own labor laws in the export processing (maquiladora) sector. In violation of Mexican labor law, maquiladora operators oblige women to undergo…
The Mexican government fails to protect women from pregnancy testing and other discriminatory treatment in export-processing factories (maquiladoras) along the U.S.-Mexico border. In No Guarantees: Sex Discrimination in Mexico's Maquiladora Sector,…