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Since 2000 the number of child laborers worldwide has dropped by one-third, from 248 million to 168 million, according to new statistics just released by the International Labor Organization (ILO). While the progress is encouraging, the number of children…

Hollande’s First State Visit to Morocco Should Encourage Further Reforms

(Rabat) – President François Hollande of France should press for further human rights reforms in Morocco during his first state visit to this longtime French ally. Hollande is expected to meet with King Mohammed VI in Rabat and address the parliament…
“If I looked nice, he hit me,” Ana L., a mother of five in Colombia, told me. Ana (not her real name) detailed years of abuse by her partner. He beat her when she was pregnant, and hit her head so hard that she suffered permanent vision damage. She sought…

 Lonely Servitude
 Child Domestic Labor in Morocco
 Abusive and
 Exploitative Working Conditions

Beatings, Little Pay or Rest, Weak Enforcement of Child Labor Laws

(Rabat) – Girls as young as 8 endure physical abuse and work long hours for little pay as domestic workers in Morocco. The 73-page report, “Lonely Servitude: Child Domestic Labor in Morocco,” found that some child domestic workers – who are overwhelmingly…

Negotiations Concluding on Domestic Worker Convention

(Geneva) - Governments, trade unions, and employers' organizations should combat child labor by adopting a new international treaty on the rights of domestic workers, Human Rights Watch said today in advance of the World Day Against Child Labor, June 12.…

 Swept Under the Rug
 Abuses against
 Domestic Workers Around the World
 I. Introduction
 Best and
 worst government practices
 To Labor Ministries
 To Heads of State and Government, and…

Report Spotlights Violence and Slavelike Conditions in 12 Countries

Click to expand Image In Malang, Indonesia, prospective domestic…
Following a Human Rights Watch report documenting the tens of thousands of girls employed as domestic workers in Morocco, the government's secretary of state for family, solidarity, and social action stated publicly that Morocco was working on…

Girls Working as Domestics Denied Basic Rights

Tens of thousands of girls working as domestics in Morocco face physical and psychological abuse as well as economic exploitation, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Moroccan law denies these children basic labor rights, and the…
Inside the Home,
 Outside the Law Abuse of Child
 Domestic Workers in Morocco I.Summary Methods II. Recommendations To the Moroccan Government To the Parliament To the Ministry of Employment and Professional
 Development To the Ministry of…

World Leaders Must Fulfill Millennium Target for Primary Education

(New York) - Children around the world face systematic barriers to schooling that are undermining global progress towards universal primary education, Human Rights Watch said today in a report released ahead of the U.N. World Summit. Human Rights Watch…
The Bush administration is quietly carrying on a major new trade negotiation with Central America that could show -- contrary to the notion that globalization hurts workers -- how international trade deals can increase respect for labor rights. But the…