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Shutdown of Independent Radio Station Should Trigger EU Action

Click to expand Image Klubradio's director and CEO Andras Arato,…
Klubradio's director and CEO Andras Arato, right, talks to colleague Milhaly Hardy in the studio of Klubradio in Budapest, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021.

EU Should Act on Latest Blow to Press Freedom

In the most recent attack on media freedom in Hungary, the country’s Media Council last week unexpectedly announced it would revoke Klubradio’s frequency as of February 2021. It justified its decision by referring to the independent, commercial station’s…
Klubradio’s president, Andras Arato, is seen on air in Klubradio's studio in Budapest, Hungary, March 2020. 

New Government Should Bring Laws, Practices Up to International Standards

(Budapest) - The new Hungarian government should ensure that its laws and practices match its international and regional human rights obligations, Human Rights Watch said in a letter today to Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Orban’s party, which heads the…
Mr. Viktor Orbán Prime Minister 1357 Budapest, Pf. 6. Hungary April 29, 2014 Re: New Hungarian Government Should Prioritize Strengthening Human Rights Protection Dear Prime Minister Orbán, I am writing to you to ensure that the new Hungarian government…

Government’s Damaging Changes to Legal Framework Require EU Action

(Budapest) – The systemic changes to Hungary’s legal framework introduced by the government since 2010 weaken legal checks on its authority, interfere with media freedom, and undermine human rights protections, Human Rights Watch said in a report released…

 Wrong Direction on Rights
 Assessing the Impact of Hungary’s New Constitution

 and Laws
 To the

 Government of Hungary

 of the…
  A clampdown on a leading independent radio station shows that Hungary has no intention of heeding EU calls to improve media freedom. In most EU countries, it would be reasonable to expect a state agency that has been handed a clear court order to…
The Hungarian government is busy whipping up nationalistic sentiments among the population having commemorated June 4 as a national day of mourning of the territorial and population losses from the Trianon Peace treaty in 1920. But Hungarians – and…

Parliament Ignores European Recommendations

(Berlin) – The Hungarian government has ignored recommendations by the Council of Europe to revise controversial laws that limit media freedom, Human Rights Watch said today. Parliament approved government-initiated changes to the laws on May 24, 2012. “…
The tensions between the EU and Hungary were on full display in Budapest on Hungary's independence day. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán used a rally on 15 March to blast the EU, declaring that Hungary will not be a colony and that the Union will not tell…
Human Rights Watch is concerned about reports of declining media freedom in Hungary. We expressed our concern in January 2011 about the media laws adopted by the government at the end of 2010 which established a new media regulation body that lacks…

EU Action Needed to Halt Slide on Rights

(Brussels) – The shrinking space for media freedom in Hungary requires EU action, Human Rights Watch said in a Memo on Media Freedom in Hungary released today. The 11-page memo is based on a recent research visit to Budapest by Human Rights Watch. It…
On 7 March, after vociferous domestic opposition and the intervention of European Union institutions, the Hungarian parliament amended a controversial and restrictive media law that would have severely curtailed free speech. For some observers, these…

Problematic Legislation Part of Wider Concern About Country’s Rights Record

(Brussels) - European Union member states and the European Commission should press Hungary as it assumes the EU presidency to address its own serious human rights shortcomings, beginning with a problematic media law, Human Rights Watch said today. "As…

Attacks and Threats Remain a Very Serious Concern

Honduran authorities should take concrete steps to end impunity for abuses committed after the country's 2009 coup, and to curb ongoing attacks against journalists, human rights defenders, and political activists, Human Rights Watch said in a report…